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Employer branding is the strategy to attract qualified job seekers by representing your organization’s values and work culture to your potential employees. Also, it involves changing or creating the organization’s reputation and brand value in the eye of your staff, clients, and potential employees.

A strong employer brand has an impact on the quality of applicants, employee job satisfaction, and retention rates. Also, the employer brand affects the revenue of the business. As per Careerarc, 96 percent of businesses believe that employer brand and reputation can have an impact on revenue, yet less than half of them monitor that impact. In this article, we are going to discuss some effective tactics that can help you improve your employer branding.

5 Tactics to Enhance Your Employer Branding

Having a solid employer brand is the desire of every business owner, but still, most of them fail to make it happen. The reason is that they do not have strategies that can help in improving their employer brand. Below we have listed 6 effective tactics that you can consider for the same:

1. Implement Employee Referral Program

You can implement a referral bonus policy into your organization, as it reduces the time of the recruitment, the turnover rate and also improves employer branding. If employees are satisfied with the work-culture, they will refer their peers. So, your referral hiring rate indicates whether the employer branding is on the right track. In addition, employee referral programs are considered one of the most cost-effective strategies for recruitment.

2. Employer Value Proposition

The decisive factors for most potential employees to choose your company to work over competitors are workplace culture, work environment, company’s growth plan, wages, and benefits to employees.

It is important to understand what your company must offer to create a strong employer brand. Discovering your company's purpose will help clarify what you want your existing and prospective employees to think about your reputation as an employer. You can have a conversation with your existing staff to understand their present perception, and evaluate the current business status and where you want to take it. Also, you can keep the record to take further steps. 

3. Improve Your Recruitment Process

The candidates you hire for open positions affect your work environment and culture. Therefore, a proper understanding of which type of job seekers you want to attract is essential for creating an effective employer brand.

To refine your recruitment process, you should understand where you can find your ideal candidates. Many companies invest in sponsored job postings and job boards, but you can choose the right HR software to understand your candidate persona, and also you can predict which way of recruitment is suitable for your startup. This will help you improve the recruitment process, reduce hiring expenses, and build a strong employer brand as well.

Not only your existing employees but also the ideal candidates will experience the workplace environment and work culture too. From first interaction with candidates to the interview process, the way you treat the candidates will define your reputation as an employer. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to make the candidate experience better, as it has a significant impact on your employer branding.

4. Streamline Employee Onboarding

One of the most essential parts of improving an employer brand is employee onboarding. The way you onboard new recruits affects workplace culture and determines how long they will stay employed in the organization.

To make the employee onboarding process smooth, you can follow some important tips such as creating and allocating checklists for each team and specific role and sharing necessary documents in advance. In addition, you can make the onboarding process paperless with e-sign, schedule automated welcome, and other onboarding emails to share it with the new employees. 

5. Offer Time-off to Your Employees

What your employees feel about working in your company reflects in how your candidates will perceive your employer brand. Since the beginning of the great resignation phenomenon, employees have started to expect much more than their salary, and having a great work-life balance is one of the essential desires. Businesses that encourage this will have a great online organizational reputation as an employer since the employees can rate their company higher on platforms like Linkedin and glassdoor. One of the best ways to make your employee feel satisfied with their job is by providing them with more time-off. Therefore more time off will improve employees’ work-life balance and job satisfaction as well and ultimately improves your employer brand.


It is beneficial to invest your time and efforts in building and keep on improving the employer brand. It influences your corporate brand and brings top talent to the organization. Also, if you have a strong employer brand, it helps in retaining the top talent within the company. These tactics we have discussed will guide you to boost your employer brand.